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Written by Chris Tiegreen   
Wednesday, 31 March 2010 19:09

Some people are diligent to apply all of God's commandments to themselves (and others), but they wrestle deeply with whether His promises are true. Conversely, some people are convinced of the certainty of God's promises but are careless in how they apply His instructions. In other words, we either take a "Thou shalt not" extremely seriously while hedging on "whatever you ask in prayer," or we latch onto a prayer promise as if our lives depend on it while minimizing our responsibility to conform to His character.

It's a strange phenomenon, isn't it? We tend to either believe His demands and downplay His benefits, or vice versa. The result is either legalism or me-centered faith.

Which side do you lean toward? You probably know without having to think too hard about it. Regardless, seek balance. Both God's instructions (i.e., the expressions of His character) and His blessings (i.e., the invitation to experience His goodness) are true. Both apply to us. His expectations for us are just as reliable as His promises for us, and His promises are just as reliable as His expectations. Those who realize that fact will find their faith more fulfilling than those who don't.

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