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Written by Chris Tiegreen   
Monday, 15 March 2010 20:14

Have you noticed that in most of society's trends—in art, music, literature, academic methods, business strategies, and more—Christians have become imitators rather than pace-setters? It wasn't always this way. In many eras of history, Christians were responsible for some of the best, most creative forms of expression. But you'll notice that churches and the Christian community often imitate the methods of the world—and, sadly, often not very well. Though there are notable exceptions among us, we generally have a reputation for imitation and mediocrity.

Why is that? God's people—all who follow Him—were intended to be "the head and not the tail" (Deuteronomy 28:13). We are designed to be leaders, trail-blazers, and pace-setters. After all, we're supposedly in tune with the Creator; one would think that makes us rather creative. And I think we would be exceptionally so if we zealously and persistently prayed and sought for fresh insights and inspiration from Him. That may mean thinking outside the box, but if we serve a God who never confines Himself to any kind of box, that should be no problem. God's character never changes, but His methods throughout history have been all over the map, figuratively speaking. Ours can be too. We can be innovators who show God's creativity to the rest of the world.

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